Reintroduce Cash

Reintroduce Cash

10 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ashley Robinson

To David Lloyd Clubs:

Please reinstate the use of cash in your cafes and shops. Many people have not been able to socialise in the cafes because they cannot pay by using cash. This is a safe way to help people to live within their budgets.

The Post Office states that more people are returning to cash now that the cost of living is increasing so rapidly. There was an 8% increase in June increasing to 20% in July, totalling a record £801 million withdrawals in July.

David Lloyd could be discriminating against disabled people under the Equality Act by not accepting cash.

Some people are being excluded from using the social side of the Clubs, although we are paying the same membership fees as the others.

Cash is:

Legal tender

Not dependent on an electricity supply

Not dependent on an internet connection


An excellent tool for budgeting

Cash ensures digital privacy from banks, big business and the government.

In a cashless society, if the government decided to close your bank account you would have no escape. A cashless society would give the banks a free hand to charge negative interest rates with no escape. A cashless society would be the beginning of a Chinese style social credit system.

(Many of these thoughts are taken from the Keep Cash UK Group, with grateful thanks.)

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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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