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Walden University did the unthinkable, the dismissed a learning disabled adult who was the victim of verbal and physical abuse. This student was a victim of retaliation by former friends who made poor decisions. The retaliators chose a life of drugs and prostitution, where this student chose a positive road to take.

Walden University seems to believe in double standards. They promote "The Prevention of Bully" but when a student becomes the victim of such act they are dismissed. Walden University lacks an understanding of what bullies are capable of. They fail to believe that a bully or abuser will use the victims internet to attack them. It is clear that Walden is in denial, this student did not deserve to be treated the way they were treated.

I have chosen not to reveal the students name for their protection and privacy. This student was verbally abused and physically tormented by their retaliators. I am very familiar with the situation and not by word of mouth. My soon to be ex-husband was one of the retaliators involved. This student was not only a long time friend but employed my husband after he was dismissed from his previous employment.

My husband was a corporate computer technichian and constantly was working on the companies computers. My husband was given full run of the office while the student was out visiting clients. The business ran 24 hours a day and access was easy. The retaliators sent false emails to Walden using the students business internet.

Walden has falsely accused the student of sending the emails without speaking with them to find out that they were a victim of abuse. The student on several occassions attempted to speak with Dr. Matthew Buckley and it seems he had no intentions of listening. Apparently he seems to enjoy lecturing instead of assisting the student.

The retaliators including my husband attacked this student when they were most vulnerable. The student lost their mother last year and was at their lowest point. A professor by the name of Tammy Shaffer made the biggest difference in this students life and she also turned her back on this student.

This petition is calling for the student to be reinstated, their record cleared of all wrong doing. We are also asking that Walden pay the $500 Bursar hold that is currently in place and full tuition paid for the remainder of her education.

This student understands Waldens position but feels that she was not heard.  Apparently Walden believes it is more important to lecture rather than listen.  Walden is clearly in denial that computer hacking or the use of ones internet connection in a form of retaliation exists.  

sign this petition demanding the reinstatement of a student who was wrongfully dismissed.

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