Second Look Bill

Second Look Bill

April 13, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amber Ross

For those of you that were unaware that this bill had even existed. I’ll briefly summarize it for you.

The second look bill that was introduced, was going to reform a part of our justice system that severely needs more attention and more consideration.

The second look bill is for incarcerated individuals serving time for crimes that were committed (allegedly) while under the age of 18. Most being 14-17 years of age. These incarcerated individuals are known as the second lookers… And they deserve no less than a second look.

In Texas revisions have been made to parole standards.

A life sentence used to hold that you had to serve 15 to 20 calendar years before your eligibility to see the parole board (Please remember that a parole hearing does not guarantee that an inmate will get out early or than an inmate will get out ever… It simply gives them the opportunity to try to prove that their mindset and their lifestyle has changed since the alleged crime)

Another revision was made from the 15 to 20 calendar years before eligibility, it then moved up to no less than 30 calendar years but also no more than 40 calendar years, an offender would have to have their first parole hearing. (Again absolutely does not ensure the release of said inmate)

After that revision to parole standards another revision was made, and this is the most current revision. If you were handed down a life sentence with the possibility of parole, the new standards are that you serve 40 calendar years before you get the opportunity to be introduced and have the eligibility of parole.

This second look Bill, was going to possibly give these offenders who were treated as adults while being children, the opportunity to just see and explain to parole board how they have changed and possibly get the opportunity of seeing parole 10 to 20 years earlier (Again, Parole hearings do not guarantee the release of offenders)

This bill seen an outstanding number of yeses, passed through everything and was simply waiting on Governor Greg Abbott’s signature to go into law. When the bill hit Greg Abbott‘s desk, instead of a signature he vetoed the bill, and his explanation was that this bill conflicted with the jury instruction that is currently required by Texas state law. (In order to get any type of reform done we know that we’re going to have to change more than one thing, I think we should contact our legislators to move around what the jury instruction currently is to get all of these bills introduced and have the prison reform that we need)

Texans and residents of many states will tell you, Texas is absolutely not a place that you want to be convicted of any crime and sentenced at. A lot of incarcerated individuals weren’t given the time and consideration that they should have been given, and biased people on the jury generally agree with the states and the recommendation is that of the maximum sentence for whatever crime it may be. Just take a look at any counties sentencing statistics in Texas, and you will see that maximum sentences are handed out like candy.

(And my opinion is, the maximum sentences half the time aren’t even handed down to the people that actually deserve the maximum sentences, it’s usually people that need a little help, time and a little push to get them to their full potential in life)

If we could get everyone that sees this to sign this petition and also take the time to send a small email asking your legislator to take into consideration to possibly revise the jury instructions to reinstate the second look Bill, we can be on our way to one of the best prison reform bills that has or probably will be introduced.

Our government, state entities and many of our citizens are biased when it comes to the standpoint that people can change. Free world people are looked at that we can change in a matter of six months, and that is very true!! Incarcerated individuals are looked down upon and people seem to think that they cannot change… if we, out here in the free world can change… I don’t see what wouldn’t connect in our brain that just because they are incarcerated and just because they may or may not have made a mistake in their life to get them to where they are, that they couldn’t change. Because every human has the capability.

I see a lot of petitions containing scientific-based data to further support the point of it all.

So I will put this out there.

Scientist and psychologist have came together in agreement that our frontal cortex of our brain does not fully developed until we are no younger than 25 years old the average completion of the frontal cortex fully forming is 30 years old.

The frontal cortex/frontal lobe is responsible for the higher cognitive functions…

That’s mean your frontal cortex takes care of your motor skills, impulse control, memory, problem-solving and social interactions. That’s not all the frontal lobe is responsible for m, but that is the major responsibilities that definitely need to be taken into consideration before we just toss humans into a cell and leave them there for the rest of their life.

These now, men and women deserve a better chance at life. They are not who they used to be and they should be given the chance to prove to society that they can and will be and do better.

We should do our best to do what we can for this small population in our prisons by getting this bill reinstated.

And please remember, the titles of the crimes that they allegedly committed and were sentence for, is not their story.


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Signatures: 52Next Goal: 100
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