Reinstate the Edmonton Aerial Mosquito Spray program

Reinstate the Edmonton Aerial Mosquito Spray program

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This petition asks the City of Edmonton reinstate the Aerial Mosquito Spray Program. Edmontonians are proud of their summers with longs days and beautiful sunny weather. But, summer is short and enjoyment of the outdoors will be lost with the expected increase in Mosquito population. Tourism may fall and outdoor based business (including restaurant patios) will suffer.

At 1000 signatures I will bring to City Council.

Mosquito population could double under new plan

Councils approach to Mosquito control will leave Edmontonians scratching

On April 4, 2022, Edmonton City Council voted to discontinue the Aerial Spray Program for Mosquitos. The program did not use chemical spray. It used a biological product called BTi. BTi is approved by Health Canada, World Health Organization and other agencies such as the CDC.

More information in BTi can be found here:

Gardening Know How - BTI Insecticide

EPA - BTI Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are disease transmitters and Health Canada scientist say Climate Change is bringing more species and disease north. This is the time to be proactive with natural biological control to protect the communities health.  Like the council was so eager to do with COVID.

Mosquito Bourne Disease and Climate Change

The motion to eliminate the program was put forward by councilor Michael Janz. In an email to me he stated the following reason for the ban:

  • "Program unsustainable in terms of carbon emissions from using helicopters."
  • "Bats & Dragonflys are much more sustainable"
  • "To have a healthy population of mosquito-eating animals, we'll need a healthy population of mosquitos"

I see these as virtue signaling and not in the interest of the people of Edmonton. Studies have proven Natural predators are ineffective to control population.

What are Mosquitoes’ Natural Predators?


20 have signed. Let’s get to 25!