Reinstate the Drive Time with Dave Glover

Reinstate the Drive Time with Dave Glover

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Peter Dounoukos (Executive Director, Northumberland 89.7)

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Started by Theresa Rickerby

In current times and increased scrutiny of media accountability and transparency it is imperative that our community based, not for profit Northumberland 89.7 manage itself, its volunteers and it's relationships with stakeholders including advertisers with the utmost level of ethics and professionalism.

For almost 9 years Cobourg resident Dave Glover has been volunteering his time and providing the community with the Drive Time weekdays between 4 and 7 pm on Northumberland 89.7 Small Town Radio.

Northumberland 89.7 describes the Drive Time with Dave Glover as an " in-depth political commentary that is something of a novelty in southern Ontario. Great guests, call-ins from all over the world, stock market updates, and regular discussions with local journalists. Engaging commentary that encourages people to keep listening if not call in."

On Friday March 4th when Dave's show ended he was advised by the Executive Director and Station Manager that his show would be cut from a regular 3 hour show to one hour,  from 6-7pm. He was not provided with any explanation as to why the changes were being made nor was he provided with any time line for implementation or an opportunity to be a part of the process. When Dave inquired as to why he was not allowed to be a part of the process he was told " You are JUST a volunteer, why would we consult with you. Unless you don't want to be one anymore."
At that time no date of change was provided. 

On Saturday March 5th Dave was contacted by the Station Manger via text  message and advised his show would be cut effective immediately and to reschedule all guests.

On Sunday March 6th Northumberland 89.7 made a social media post on their Facebook Page announcing a new local news show in partnership with another local media outlet during the prime 5-6pm time slot. This was the first communication to loyal listeners, and long time financial sponsors of the Drive Time show. No social media coverage or radio announcements were made to advise the community of changes to the Drive Time, leaving listeners wondering what had happened and looking for answers on social media. 

Without lead time Dave was left scrambling to reschedule his upcoming interviews, including a previously scheduled conversation with infamous and ground breaking musician Carole Pope.

It appears by the actions of the Northumberland 89.7 management that Dave Glover is being pressured to quit his show and replace it with their own version of an opinion based, political news show.

The motivation behind this sudden change is unclear and we ask for your support in asking the radio station to  handle themselves with the utmost in professionalism and ethics, and return Dave Glover to his long standing radio show time slot of  4-7 pm while working together to create a new format best suited to the radio station, the show creator and volunteer host,  and the communities needs and wants. 








485 have signed. Let’s get to 500!