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There is a growing eppidemic in our country with the recent killings that have went on. We need to bring back the death penalty for those criminals that kill with no regard for human life. Make them accountable for their actions. Stop blaming society for why these monster become the cold blooded killers they are. As a parent I don't feel that it is fair that we have to live in fear of what could happen to our children because a criminal who disregared the law has more rights than we do. The time has come that we need to take a stand and take our system back. Some major changes need to be made and it is going to have to start with each and everyone of us getting up and saying enough is enough. So I am pleading with you today to help make a change to make this world a safer place for our children.

Letter to
Governor Chris Christie
New Jersey Governor
Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie
I am asking for you to reinstate the death penalty in NJ. It should be for anyone who takes a life in a manner that has no regard for another human life. We also need to change the laws as to how long the process should be. There should be a maximum number of years along with a maximun number of appeals allowed. With DNA evidence and also in the cases where a person has confessed to the crime in question then there is no reason why a criminal who has "no regard for our laws" should get more than two chances or appeals to prove there innocence. It is about time we consider the "Victims Rights" first and foremost. So again I am asking you to please reconsider death penalty so that not one more family has to go through the loss of a loved one at the hands of another.

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