Reinstate the Bradford City Matchday Programme

Reinstate the Bradford City Matchday Programme

8 July 2022
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Bradford City Football Club (Bradford City Football Club)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chris Benson

I am starting this petition for my 10 year old son Eric.  He has bought a programme every matchday since he started coming to watch Bradford a few years ago now, and he's so proud of his collection!  And long may it continue!  

My suggestion to the Bradford City Board, is to consider the following:

1) To reinstate the weekly Bradford City matchday programme.  I believe it is a tradition that should be kept going! 

Suggestions if the above cannot be achieved.

a) One compromise would be to make the programme slightly smaller which could reduce print costs.

b) Allow the programme to be purchased on a subscription only basis, so you know exactly how many programmes need to be printed, and these can be posted out to customers.

c) Produce a digital matchday programme as a PDF available on the club's app and official website.

d) Release a monthly programme, one for August, one for September etc, therefore 10 issues rather than 23 each season.

There isn't always a signal inside the ground to view team news and the public address system sounds muffled inside the family stand.  

For me, I love the thoughts from the manager, the look back in time at a game in the past.  Children do read printed media still - my kids love books and printed magazines!  Let's keep the football programme alive at Bradford City!

You can see me and Eric and our Bradford City vlog - search Chris and Eric's Big Match on YouTube!

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Signatures: 206Next Goal: 500
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