Reinstate Professor Lutz at Northwestern Law

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Roman Shapurko
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Recently, it's been announced that Professor Karl Lutz has been fired by the outgoing Dean of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. This decision is not only wrong, but also harmful to the law school community as well as this institution's reputation and image.

I urge you to sign this petition in support of Professor Lutz's reinstatement as Senior Lecturer.

In addition, please take a few minutes to send a quick email to Dean Rodriguez (, incoming Dean Yuracko ( and President Shapiro ( to voice your concern and outrage over Prof. Lutz's termination. Alternatively, you can tweet at Dean Rodriguez (@DeanDBRodriguez). I would also strongly encourage you to tell Dean Rodriguez that until Prof. Lutz is reinstated, you will not be making any more donations to the law school (however, that is optional and signing the petition does not obligate you to make that commitment).

Professor Lutz has been an invaluable member of the law school faculty for over 10 years. As a former senior partner at Kirkland & Ellis, one of the top law firms in the country, Prof. Lutz brings unique insights and valuable practical experience to the law school. Few, if any, other faculty members at Northwestern Law have the same level of expertise and knowledge when it comes to transactional law and management of a big law firm.

Moreover, Professor Lutz is also a fantastic teacher who is greatly admired by thousands of his current and former students, as evidenced by his repeated selection for numerous awards. He works tirelessly to help and mentor his students, and many students every year turn to him for law school and career advice.

Professor Lutz was fired last month in a very unceremonious manner, without due process. After dedicating 10 years of his life to the law school, he received an email from Dean Rodriguez informing him of his termination. No advance notice was given and no opportunity for an in-person meeting or even a phone call was afforded, which goes against basic decency and professional standards, particularly for a well-regarded institution such as Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. The stated grounds for the termination were that the law school has hired enough full-time faculty to teach core business law classes. However, the law school failed to inform anyone as to why Professor Lutz was selected for the layoff and why full-time faculty were hired to replace Professor Lutz in the first place. Given Professor Lutz's unique expertise in the areas of M&A, private equity, and law firm management, I am confident that no faculty could fill Prof. Lutz's role.

In short, the manner in which this decision was made reflects poorly upon the reputation of the law school as a well-respected, transparent and professional institution.

Please make your displeasure with Prof. Lutz's termination heard!