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Reinstate Mr. DeVellis to his crucial role as Assistant Principal at West Rocks

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Many families at West Rocks are extremely concerned and outraged about the sudden transfer of Mr. DeVellis and the termination/transfer hearings that continue to drag on for Dr. Moore. Mr. DeVellis begins his "reassignment" as a second Assistant Principal at Roton Middle School on 8/13 leaving West Rocks without an Assistant Principal, and Roton Middle School (the smallest in the District) with two Assistant Principals.  Mr. DeVellis is collateral damage in the Superintendent and Board of Education's attempts to oust Dr. Moore. 

In addition to all of the standard Assistant Principal responsibilities, Mr. DeVellis keeps order in the school.  He embodies the school spirit that keeps the students (and parents) engaged and interested in the school community.  He knows EVERY SINGLE student by name, engages them in conversation and often can be seen driving students home from after school activities which they wouldn't have been able to attend due to a lack of transportation.  He single-handedly runs fundraisers at the school to raise money to help provide the students with resources that are needed, but are not provided for by the district's budget.  He has a heart and soul that is completely dedicated to those students and to the school.  And he keeps the students in line in a firm, yet loving way.  Transferring him out of West Rocks is a huge blow not only to the future academic achievement at the school, but also impacts the safety of our students as he is an ever-present watchful eye over those students who need to be watched to be kept in line.

With almost 670 students entering the school in a few weeks, the possibility of us having NO administrators who have any West Rocks' experience at the school nor knowledge of the students, faculty, schedule, or workings of the school, is a real possibility. One way or another, Central Office is determined to decimate our school this year and we need to speak out now. It is in the best interests of our children to keep Mr. DeVellis at West Rocks!