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Marie Morrill for Reinstatement!

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Petition to return Officer Marie Morrill to her position of Patrolman in the Cambridge-Greenwich Police Department, Also petitioning to give her full-time Civil Service status. This petition has been written because she was forced to resign. There is no sufficient reason that she should not be allowed to continue on in her career! She was very friendly, professional and diligent in her interactions with the community. She was always patrolling the area in a pro-active manner instead of just the typical reactive policing we have seen displayed by most officers who come through our village. She made people in our community feel safe and displayed a genuine care and concern about the people & businesses of our village. She was always a present officer and was kind and fair in all of her interactions. She didn't only patrol in her vehicle, she would patrol on foot and often times we would see her doing crosswalk and interacting with the children at the school and with business owners who loved her. This is something our community has not seen in a very long time. I've personally witnessed Officer Morrill help a local business owner carrying her merchandise into a store in the rain as well as other interactions that proved that she is an officer that suits our small community well and does not do this job for the paycheck. Many share in the opinion, based on many factors, that she is an asset to our community. There is so much that could be said of how great she was as a police officer in this town. She is the kind of officer this village needs and we want her to return to her duties. There are always rumors in the small village mill, however, I will say many believe she was forced to resign because she was so well liked by the community and that made some very uncomfortable. It has also been proven that other officers have been terminated unjustly and without any professional recourse or reason in the past. Please reinstate Officer Morrill to her position and give her the civil service status she has earned and deserves so she may continue to do that job that she loves !  

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