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Lt. Dan Choi, is a West Point graduate and an Arabic-speaking linguist who has served honorably in Iraq.   He was dismissed from the Army National Guard under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy after announcing publically that he is homosexual.  Lt. Choi has announced his intend to fight his dismissal. 

Please let Congress and President Obama know that it is time to get rid of the DADT.  Our military cannot afford to lose soldiers of the caliber of Lt. Choi.  And as a nation, we cannot ask honorable men and women to lie in order to serve their country.  DADT places every American in the position of denying the truth to each other.  There is no honor for anyone in America as long as we continue this policy.

***Note from Lee Dorsey***
TO THOSE IN CALIFORNIA...or elsewhere...Lt. Dan Choi will be a GRAND MARSHALL of the SF PRIDE Parade on SUNDAY, June 28th!  A whole Battalion of other GLBT troops will be there to support.  Join in support if you can.
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Patriotism and Service to our country is diminished by Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  Over 12,000 dedicated patriots, some in occupations desparately needed by the military such as Arabic linguists, have been kicked out of our military under Don't Ask Don't Tell.  This is a national disgrace.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell makes every American complicit in a national lie.  It is time to end DADT.   By ending this dysfunctional practice, America will, at last, be able to honor and support all members of our military.