Reinstate Georgia Power's energy efficiency rebates for single-family homeowners

Georgia Power has eliminated its energy efficiency rebate program for single-family homeowners for 2017.

Instead, it is directing these funds to owners of multifamily housing and new home builders, rather than to the rate-paying, single-family homeowners who actually fund these incentives!

The company sprung this surprise on contractors who have loyally participated in its whole-house rebate program for years, with zero advance notice.

The results are that:

(1) Georgia Power would be one of very few utilities in the nation to EXCLUDE RATE-PAYING HOMEOWNERS from its rebate program

(2) Years of progress in promoting energy-efficiency to homeowners in Georgia could GRIND TO A HALT

(3) Home efficiency contractors who have dedicated their businesses to this program for years may now GO OUT OF BUSINESS

(4) Talented energy auditors and hardworking retrofit crew members may LOSE THEIR JOBS

And here's the bigger picture:

Homes efficiency contractors have been achieving average energy savings of 40% on heating and cooling by improving insulation, reducing air leakage and replacing outdated HVAC equipment.

Eliminating this waste in America’s 81 million, single-family homes could result in $29 BILLION of annual savings for homeowners and create TENS OF THOUSANDS OF JOBS for energy auditors and contractors.

PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION to reinstate Georgia Power's energy efficiency rebates for single-family homeowners and keep the momentum going in Georgia!

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  • Paul Bowers, CEO Georgia Power

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