Reinstate free parking in Waltham Forest for care workers while at work

Reinstate free parking in Waltham Forest for care workers while at work

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Dear Cllr Grace Williams 

During the pandemic, care workers in Waltham Forest were provided with free parking permits. This allowed us to reach more clients and deliver essential support to those that require it.  A few months ago, however, this was revoked. 

This is having a huge impact on both care workers and those we support.  I personally have been sent to a client with no available parking and had to choose between delivering essential support or risking a parking fine amounting to nearly my entire daily take-home pay. 

When I raised this with Waltham Forest Council, I was told I should buy an all-zone parking permit costing £63 for 30 cards, which amounts to 30 visits.  On average as a carer, I see 12 clients a day. This £63 parking permit would last less than three days. 

I know District Nurses are provided with free parking. Social care workers are just as vital as NHS staff. It is frustrating how often we are overlooked. 

We are in the midst of a social care crisis. Right now, Local Authorities should be doing all they possibly can to make life easier for those requiring and delivering care and support. What they definitely shouldn’t be doing is taking away parking permits from care workers! 

This is an issue that can be resolved very easily.  We are calling on you, as Leader of Waltham Forest Council, to do the right thing and reinstate our free parking.

Yours sincerely, 

Stella, Domiciliary Care Worker in Waltham Forest

This petition was started by Care and Support Workers Organise (CaSWO). CaSWO formed during the Coronavirus pandemic following the PPE crisis.  We are organising across unions for the rights and recognition of care and support workers in the UK.

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2,950 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!