Reinstate Dr Tim Anderson at the University of Sydney!

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Open letter from various community organisations and individuals in opposition to the suspension of Dr Tim Anderson:

Dear Dr Michael Spence,

The freedom to voice and explore individual ideas and perspectives, regardless of their subject matter, is an essential pillar upon which all just societies are upheld. This fundamental human right must be preserved at all costs in order to maintain the integrity and intellectual freedom afforded to and exercised within Australian institutions and organisations, particularly those of educational grounding. 

The decision to suspend any individual following an expression of his or her political beliefs is an Orwellian act to be condemned by all members of society, regardless of political standing. However, when enacted within a university, the breeding ground for the discussion, development and refinement of evolving ideas, this act of censorship can be viewed as none other than an abuse of arbitrary power, wielded to favour dominant societal groups and perceptions. The unpopularity of an idea must not culminate in the diminishment of its intellectual and cultural value.

To conclude, we have reached the understanding that the suppression of individual and intellectual freedoms is a human, rather than political issue. We adamantly believe that in order to prevent further disruptions to and perversions of Australia’s invaluable educational landscape, the University of Sydney must reinstate Dr Tim Anderson immediately. 


Community Organisations and Individuals