Pakistan is for everyone

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Honorable Prime minister of Pakistan,

We Demand the reinstatement of Dr.Atif Mian in to the Economic Advisory Council. A majority of the Pakistan voted for you as our PM in hopes of bringing a change and prosperity to our beloved nation whose prosperity has been overlooked for far too long. You made promises to each and every Pakistani for 20 years, irrespective of their religion, caste or race. You promised to provide for them opportunities to grow based on merit and not on social, political, economic or religious backgrounds.

Through this petition, we would like to remind you of the promise you made to everyone. We demand you to stay true to your word and uphold merit. We, the citizens of Pakistan are deeply perturbed by the news of Dr.Atif Mian being asked to step down from the Economic Advisory Council based solely on his religious values while discrediting his intellectual ability to serve the role. Honorable Prime minister, institutions are built on merit and not by succumbing to the propaganda of a few, who know not the true Islamic values.

It is your duty to protect the rights of every Pakistani and uphold the law; as you yourself claimed “accountability will begin with you.” If you resign to this pressure of a few and send such a negative message to the minorities of our Nation, we fear, your dream of making this Nation great already feels bleak. Restore our faith in the votes we casted in your word and honour. Restore Dr. Atif Mian.


Kamal Din Khan