Reinstate Colin and Colleen in Pannawonica Central Healthcare

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Colin McGuigan and Colleen O’Neil have been Pannawonica residents and the permanent nursing staff at Pannawonica Central Healthcare since January 2018.
During this time both Colin and Colleen have entrenched themselves in the community and become such a huge asset to our town.
Professionally, they have built our trust through the delivery of consistent high standard medical treatment and personalised care.

Having highly skilled medical professionals residing in Pannawonica, that wish to remain here is reassuring when living in a remote location.

Personally, they are highly respected, loved, always try to participate in community events and just generally put a smile on everybody’s face wherever they go.

The decision to not renew their contract, seemingly without reason, and replace them with fifo nurses is a huge loss to the town  and will have a large impact on the community. We already endure many issues due to our remoteness and the past instability of Medical services in Pannawonica .
We ask that Karratha Central Healthcare Management review this decision and reinstate Colin and Colleen back as our primary healthcare nursing staff.