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Reinstate Adult Basic or improve Special Care

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This petition is important because this gov came in and just ripped out the only health ins 42,000 people could afford, there was very little advance notice and they offered them something called Safe or Special ins. which has premiums 300 - 400% higher than adult basic, and much less coverage.  They only get 4 Dr visits per year. How can a person especially a sick one live with that? corbett also lied to the people of PA and said there were no funds left for this program when he knew all along PA was sitting on an $850 million surplus, plus he knew the Tobacco settlement money which 30% of this money was to go to adult basic, was coming in on April 15th but he wanted to use it for something else.  His main concern is with money that he can collect for his next campaign. This man is nothing but a liar, and people should just pass by his name on the ballot. He is all for himself, and no one else.  Look what he did to the kids who want to go to college?  This man is not worth the space he takes up in his office.  Please, lets do everything we can to get him to pay for his crime.  These people need this insurance.  Why should the taxpayer pay for his Cadillac 100% coverage and he has the nerve to break a law and remove 42,000 people from some very basic health insurance.  The least he can do is work with Highmark and try to improve Special Care which is disastrous to say the least.

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