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Have A Formal dance instead of the alternative

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Homecoming is an important and memorable event for high schoolers, and I know that since we don't have a graduating class, homecoming doesn't fit, so what everyone wants at least is a semi-formal dance.

1. It's a very important first high school event. I personally don't want the freshman to miss out on their first major dance, it's a chance to make good memories and want to come back for later dances.
2. Some people really want to ask other people to a dance, and informal dances are hard to that with, it doesn't feel right.
3. A lot of people said they aren't going to the dance if we don't have a first formal dance and most people that I have talked to have hated the idea of an informal dance.
4. People like to go to a group dinner dressed formally before a dance, it's basically prom for us since it's the closest thing we got.
5. The number of students wanting to go to a formal dance will bring in a lot of revenue from ticket sales, and as a new school, we definitely need more revenue to keep the programs and little things here and there running.

Thank you for your time for reading this. If homecoming is off of the table, please at least give us a formal/semi-formal dance for our first. We want to make good memories, and there are going to be a lot of unhappy and disappointed people if there isn't one (i mean look at how many people have signed this document and counting!)

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