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Petition the RNC Respect Donald Trump and the will of the voters!!

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Since Donald J. Trump has achieved front runner status in the Republican primary, the party elites have been extremely transparent in their unfair treatment of Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump has brought more people into the Republican Party had ever dreamed to be possible, yet the GOP continually and systematically attempts to derail Mr. Trump and the will of the American people. Allowing 2 time loser to attempt to conduct such agregious operations such as #NeverTrump, letting Marco Rubio instruct his supporters to support lame duck candidate John Kasich in the attempt of achieving a brokered convention, is only angering the people who are supporting Donald Trump. This election season the Republican Party has seen a base that has expanded and become very energized thanks to Mr. Trump. We are petitioning to request that the will of the people be respected. If Mr. Trump has the majority by a significant margin entering the convention and the party elites choose not to name Donald J. Trump the nominee, We the People, will show our disapproval of the party's attempt to shove their choice against the will of the voters, WE will express our disapproval at the ballot box. Respect the will of the people or pay the consequences during the Presidential election.

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