Rehabilitative therapies should be accessible to all

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With 2.2 million disable people in India and adding, most of the insurance, both government and private do not cover any rehabilitative therapies. People with post stroke paralysis, Parkinson's, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple sclerosis, children with Global Developmental Delays. ADHD, Autism etc.need life long therapies in some or the other form to support and build an independent life. These life long therapies require exuberant  amount of money which is a hurdle in continuing the treatment. My mother is a stroke survivor with left paraplegia, surgeon did save her life but to get her back on her feet we needed occupational therapist, physiotherapist, which were not available in our small town. Hence my father stayed back in Delhi for sometime.Migration to a metro city requires rented accommodation, transportation which adds up to the treatment costs.. Being a government employee my dad was sure of reimbursement but to his surprise medical board of my dad organisation did not cleared my mothers therapeutic treatment bills. Something that was to be continued for years all together was not covered under the insurance. Hence we have to bring her back home after 6 months as it was difficult financially to continue treatment. My mother is a handicap for life with only 30 percent recovery. Although we were told by our therapist, with therapy she will be able to recover 70 percent.She could have got her previous self back if money was not a hurdle.

I request all of you to sign this petition in large number so that Government of India understands the importance of therapeutic interventions and no one lives with a physical or intellectual disability just because of lack of money. Saving life is one thing adding respectful years to it is another. How a parent must feel when their Autistic child who has potential is not able to get proper guidance just because they cant afford the treatment.

Its high time now that India Increases it expenditure on health, with increasing cases of non communicable diseases more and more people are suffering from disabling conditions, not just physical but mental too. We require a strong network of Occupational therapist,Physiotherapist, Psychologist and Special educators in small town and cities too. 

Lets pledge to share this petition with as many people as we can and help making India more Independent and inclusive growth.