Rehabilitate the dog runs at Hamilton Park, Jersey City, NJ

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Diane Atwell
Diane Atwell signed this petition

We the undersigned support the Rehabilitation of the large and small dog parks at Hamilton Park in Jersey City, New Jersey.  We further request the Jersey City find funds to pay for this rehabilitation through any available sources:  city budget, Open Space Grant, or reallocation of bonus funds raised from redevelopment areas within a 5 block radius around Hamilton Park.

As owners, former owners, and potential owners of dogs we see this as a real need in the neighborhood. The large and small dog runs were installed when the park was renovated in 2008. The community embraced the new dogs runs and they have, over the years, developed a following not only with dog lovers from Hamilton Park Neighborhood, but with dog lovers from all over downtown Jersey City and beyond.  The Hamilton Park Dog Runs became a place to exercise and socialize your pet, meet up with friends, and meet other dog owners in the neighborhood. 

Over the subsequent decade, the gravel surface of the dog runs has become compacted and doesn’t drain well. This leads to standing water that smells and is a danger to the dogs and humans that use it. The ponding is worst around the entrance to the large dog run where it completely blocks the entrance making the large dog run unusable for long periods of time. In downpours the dog run overflows into the walkways around the gazebo where families with children regularly walk, expanding the area of foul-smelling water further into the park.

The dog runs are the dedicated portion of the park for dogs to run freely.  No other area of the park allows this for obvious safety concerns.  The ability for a dog to run freely and socialize with other animals is an important part of their health.  The long stretches that the dog runs are unusable is incredibly frustrating for the owners.  

The scope of work for the rehabilitation of the dogs runs includes the following:

  1. Replace the existing underground drain system with larger perforated piping and cleanouts so the entire system can be flushed out.
  2. Installation of a new fountain that connects to the drain line and abandons the original drywell.
  3. Regrade the substrate so in periods of downpours the runoff goes to existing surface drains located just outside the dog runs and not to the walkways around the gazebo or dog park entrances.
  4. Installation of canine grass in lieu of the gravel.  

Give Hamilton Park the dog runs the neighborhood and the city can be proud of.