Degree course in shadow teacher training

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There many special and uniquely abled children who have the correct potential to get education just like their neurological peers.They have an equal right and priviledge to be the part of this community but all the inclusive set ups of education in India particularly NCR lack the skilled and passionate shadow teachers. 

There are degree courses for special.ed ,psychology ,occupational therapy ,physiotherapy and speech therapy but lack a proper standard degree course in this domain and this is need of the hour.

As this course can give the right skills and knowledge of how to help the special need child to cope in class room with curriculum and mainstream avenues.

Many children due to dearth of shadow  teaching and co-Ed education are deprived of this right to be among the other kids .Thus further promote the deficit of social interaction and reciprocation.

If such a degree course comes up ,many people already working in the field of pediatric rehabilitation will be motivated and become interested in this profession and become more aware  and respected just like it’s exists for special education,occupational therapy and physical therapy.These kids are not in a different world ,in fact we all are in the same world.

Please promote this petition to start a degree course in shadow teacher training with proper credit hours.This can help many children and their families.This profession needs passion and skills in one package