A Abusive Moderator of ElsonsRP Joined 2 Days ago from writing this, I want him gone...

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I have been on the server for months and months, helping the server from the start. enjoying my time with friends. I was dedicated, Hardworking and Loyal to the server from start. 13-8-2015: Me and john were friends but a few hours later he became a trial-mod, That is when his attitude changed agenst the rest of staff, One issue is he did not even get Interviewed for trial moderator and then 5 hours later, he becomes a moderator, Another concern yet again. as a trial-moderator you must do a least a week and then the superadmins would come together and decided if they should become a moderator, that did not happen.. Last night 14-8-2015 I was demoted for 3/3 admin warnings because of this reason of gagging, Muting and freezing the 3 abusers and he said i did it without his permission.. Staff Rules says this.. :

Admins and players can and will be punished for bad or insulting conduct on the servers, including as a result of any form of influence. This also includes disobeying a superadmins or root admins. Users or admins can create tickets in regards to this matter (admins can still punish regular users), whilst superadmins+ are eligible to punish everyone including administrators as a result of their insulting/bad behavior, Meaning i do not need his permission, The Owner told me, again that i was not allowed to issue these warnings (admin warning) but the staff rules say this! 

Breaking any of these rules will result in an admin warning. Superadmins & Root admins reserve the right to give you warnings as they seem fit if they find your actions abusive and/or damaging the community at large.

ElsonsRP Used to be the best server i knew.. Until the abusers came, please sign this petition for them to go and leave the server for good

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