Regulation On Gambling In Video Games!

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We all know there is a problem in the gaming industry right now kid's and adults everywhere are constantly getting pressured into buying so called "Loot Box's" in video games this is encouraging young kids and adults to gamble there hard earned cash in video games specially if they have and addictive nature they can not help but feel the pressure to spend!

That's not the only problem this also comes down to on disc DLC which most of those random "Prize's" are already on disc and being sold back at you even though you have already paid for it! 

I would also like to add that this petition should is not in no way to effect free to play games that use "Loot Box's" to generate revenue for their games but i do urge developers to use different methods such as selling expansion's and skin DLC or even a simple donation button.

As a gamer i feel as it is my duty to stop this rip of gambling mechanic and i ask you to help to by signing this ill find the right person to take this to in government and i  ask politician's haven't you already got strict laws for gambling in the UK and i ask why have you let this slip through?

Thanks for reading 


Edit: I realise i put that im petitioning myself this was an error as this is my first petition this will be going to government spread this to all gamer's that care!

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