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LEASEHOLDERS ARE TREATED AS CASH COWS  by  unregulated Managing Agents. LEASEHOLDERS are regularly being fleeced, swindled, bullied and Intimidated by the many UNSCRUPULOUS MANAGING AGENTS operating In a currently UNREGULATED Residential Property Management Industry.

In 2019 Lord Best submitted his final report to Government recommending that managing agents should be regulated and that an independent regulator should  be given powers to report crooked management agents to the police if they were believed to have defrauded leaseholders. The Government has thus far refused to Implement Lord Bests recommendations, yet chose instead to find parliamentary time to legislate for freeholders to build two extra storeys on exsisting blocks they own… without leaseholder consultation…WHY? THIS IS A SCANDAL! 

Many Managing Agents acting on behalf of their offshore freeholder Masters are regularly extorting,Intimidating and bullying leaseholders into paying extortionate service charges. Instead of using thugs with Alsatians to intimidate leaseholders, they use shady solicitors to send leaseholders letters threatening FORFEITURE If a leaseholder dares to question the spurious sums demanded. This is unacceptable. 

The Residential Property Management industry is conducting itself as would the MAFIA. It is little more than an ORGANISED CRIME SYNDICATE! 

The BAD Practices of Managing Agents -The  “DIRTY TRICKS”OF UNSCRUPULOUS MANAGING AGENTS are many. See below! 

1.Setting up and using their own companies to carry out expensive and sometimes unnecessary works of repair.

2.Charging on false invoices.

3.Charging Insurance premiums where no such premium has been placed.

4.Colluding with Insurance brokers in a fraudulent way.

5.Sending emails and correspondence to the wrong address deliberately.

6.Persecuting gullible and aged tenants into making Inappropriate payments eg expensive and unnecessary repairs classed as urgent.

7.Threatening forfeiture when bogus bills remain unpaid.

The above practices have become routine and commonplace amongst certain agents acting for Freehold companies that have grown large over the last few years off the back of Freehold acquisitions and now seek to profit through charging Leaseholders ( YOU) excessive extortionate service costs.



This Government promised to REGULATE MANAGING AGENTS but has failed to do so. It has been sitting on Lords Best report for nearly three years. 
WHY? Is it because the offshore freeholders who derive a very very lucrative income stream from extortionate service charges demanded by their associated ‘ Managing Agents’ are the Tory party’s largest donors? IT STINKS .

REGULATION OF MANAGING AGENTS could be implemented at the stroke of a pen on a wet Wednesday afternoon. Leaseholders are at the mercy of unscrupulous managing agents. If Leaseholders  attempt to get some form of JUSTICE at a property tribunal they are COWED by the legal fees that could accrue.

UNSCRUPULOUS managing agents are a MENACE to society. They erode the mental well-being of LEASEHOLDERS. 

If you have been affected by this issue, know someone who is affected or deplores dishonesty and bullying then PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION. 

Lets Get Regulation done  in 2022




0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!