Regulate Brokers and Save US Small Trucking Companies

Regulate Brokers and Save US Small Trucking Companies

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Why this petition matters

Started by Ernest Uti


There are over 679,127 Owner/Operators currently employed in the United States. 

This petition is to help bring about transparency in pricing by brokers as they keep declaring huge profits while Small fleet owners and owner operators are literarily going out of business. 

The big Companies like JB Hunt, CH Robinson and a lot of them are both Carriers and Freight Brokers. Now the freight brokers are not regulated in any way to protect small businesses as there has been no transparency regarding pricing. What they do is get the loads directly from shippers at good rates and short change small transport companies. Ever since prices of diesel and other services associated with the trucking industries have been going up, we have noticed a down trend in the rates such that small companies are shutting down due to debts and other reasons that can be traced directly to these sharp practices by the big brokers thus leading to hardship on fleet owners and their workers as they all will potentially join the unemployed market.

Most owner operators do not do their maths correctly and have been moving loads at ridiculous rates to their own disadvantage. 

Below is an example why any right thinking trucker should not take this load.

Load board offer to move a load from Baytown to Bentonville AR. This is a 536mi run. It's being offered at $1,099.00. Effectively $2.05 cents per mile. Lets do the Math. 
Driver pay .70 cents per mile (All Miles) = $375
Estimated Fuel Cost: $536
Insurance Cost narrowed down per day - $60
Truck leasing Cost narrowed down per day - $96
Trailer leasing Narrowed down per day - $40
ELD narrowed down per day $13
Road side assistance subscription per day - $30
Other costs such as EZ Pass devices. Not included
Unforeseen expenses such as Tires in the event of a blowout. Office rent and Utilities, Supplies etc. 

If you add up the numbers it results to $1,150, you are already running at a loss. This load at the current diesel prices and other associated costs should be moved for at least $1700 assuming no dead head miles. 

We have a choice to either move the load or have the driver sit down hoping for a better tomorrow which is like hoping against hope. Whatever choice you make is still a loss anyway. 

Now JB Hunt and CH Robinson declared huge unbelievable profits this last quarter and this is because of their unfair practices being a Freight Broker and Carrier while low balling Small Trucking Companies with their excess loads that they couldn't cover with their trucks. 

All we ask for is transparency and the ability to be able to do business and be able to take care of our families while putting asides some savings for a rainy day. 

Please sign this petition so we can hopefully forward to congress and the senate with the view of saving small trucking companies all over the US suffering at the hands of these brokers as a lot of companies are folding up everyday due to unsustainable nature of the industry right now.


30 have signed. Let’s get to 50!