Regularisation of self finance teachers of 331 aided degree colleges of up

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Sir we all self finance teachers of aided degree colleges of up want your kind attention on the problems of self finance teachers in aided degree colleges of up.such teachers are getting salary in range of RS  4000 to 15000  per month which is not according to ugc norms. some teachers are getting salary of only RS  4000-5000 for about 6 to 8month i.e July to February only.  there is no service rules framed till now by government of up for guiding the jobs of such SF teachers. this result in extreme instability of jobs of such sf teachers. sir this tragic situation lead to lowering of quality of higher education in up day by day. we all self finance teachers of aided degree colleges of up are feeling highly disappointed now but still  have immense faith in your bjp party policies of social welfare sabka sath sabka vikas and we all teachers are your strong supporter but we self finance teachers are constantly ignored in last 17 years by both samajwadi party and bahujan samajwadi party government. We all s f teachers have only last hope in  BJ P government of both at center and in UP. Please pay your kind attention and take prompt necessary action to solve our problems untill it resolved completely.