Save Presidency!!Repel the rules that endanger the future of 300+ Presidencians.

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In the evening of 27th July 2018, a list was published on the Presidency University website with the names of around 300 students who have been sentenced to re admission.In support,a notice was also published about a meeting that was "supposedly" held a year before by the respective Deans and HODs, although many departments don't have a clue about what is being said and what is being done.This notice was never circulated amongst students, and this circular binds students of batches of the yesteryears. 

Now,the ruling has been made in such a way that if a student fails to sit for his/her exams in any semester due to low attendance,he or she loses a year.Also, same thing goes for a lot of students who were unable to fill up the examination form due to technital glitches in the University website.This rule is vague and opposes the very idea of Choice Based Credit System upon which the examination procedures are being held at Presidency University.This decree is even inhuman and immoral,as a deliberate attempt to curtail the out of classroom activities of the students can be seen.

We,the students of Presidency,look for immediate attention of our adminstrative officers in charge into this matter,and repeal of these draconian rules that grossly affect our academic lives.