Oakley Union Elementary School District Board Members - *** The board resigned ***

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*** Update— The board resigned from their positions. *** Thank you everyone for the support.

On 02/17/2021 at 4pm the Oakley Unified Elementary School District Board of Trustees  held a meeting online. Before the start of the meeting the board members were speaking to each other as parents logged on. They did not realize they were being broadcast and that the public could hear them. During that time board members decided to speak in a VERY disrespectful way about parents in the school district, including using profanity, speaking about parents using marijuana, and that parents just wanted their babysitters back. 

Parents were tuned in to learn if we will be sending our kids back to school soon and if not, why. There has been a lack of communication from the board and this was the first communication we heard. 

A recall would cost the district money that should be going to the kids. I am asking that the board members to resign immediately due to their egregious behavior. They should no longer represent the parents, teachers, and children in this school district.