Stop Identity theft by Political parties

Stop Identity theft by Political parties

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Started by Nyakwara Nyangau

Political parties are engaging in identity theft,  fraud and forgery. Parties have somehow registered people to their party lists without consent. It is not clear how they obtained our particulars and which signatures they used to register us.

Although the ORPP gives an option to resign online on eCitizen, this puts the burden of maintaining accurate records on the citizens yet it is their identity that has been stollen.

Moreover this facility is not available to millions who don't have access to Internet. Matter of fact parties are trawling the registry and registering people, for instance i resigned from two fraudulent parties already and now i am fraudulently registered into another.

To nurture a great democracy we must have parties with values, and they must be stopped from this identity theft, fraud and forgery.

This petition is for the ODPP,  DCI amd ORPP to investigate and charge party officials in these henious crime and volation of our freedom of association.


8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!