A Plea From Your Doctors

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To the residents of Waterloo Region,

The physicians of waterloo region are going into battle with the pandemic CoVID-19. We are family doctors, emergency doctors, infectious disease specialists, respirologists, critical care doctors and all doctors taking care of patients in and outside of hospitals. We are highly skilled in assessing and treating any and all patients but we cannot win without your help. We have seen the conditions in other affected countries and communities and we are sounding the alarm to you, our patients. We want to provide excellent care to all of you who will contract CoVID-19; and we want to continue to provide excellent care to those of you presenting with other emergencies and care needs during the pandemic.

Isolation on a massive scale is the ONLY WAY to delay and curtail the onslaught of CoVID-19 patients into our hospitals. Please, for the sake of protecting everyone, we ask you to consider taking the following actions for the rest of March and for as long as we are at war:

Discuss with your teams at work and switch to working remotely when possible, cease working if possible

Cancel and refrain from attending public gathering events, including regular gatherings and special occasions; in particular, please refrain from attending gatherings for St. Patrick’s Day

Cancel your March break vacations to all destinations, international and domestic

Refrain from visiting public destinations unless absolutely necessary e.g. restaurants, libraries, gyms, stores

Ask your children’s schools to prepare to provide online instructions after March Break for an extended period of time

In other words, #juststayhome.

Please know that we, the doctors of Waterloo Region, and entire healthcare teams working with us, will do everything in our power to keep the people of Waterloo Region safe. Please help us succeed by doing everything within your power.


Your Doctors of Waterloo Region