Build the Northwest Rail Line in Boulder County

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The RTD board decided in 2014 that the NW Rail corridor would be built after 2040.  

Taxpayers in Boulder County have paid over $143 million to RTD over the past 10 years for the Fastracks rail build-out, meanwhile Boulder County receives NO rail funding from this tax.

Our group—Citizens for Finishing Fastracks—is a grassroots, citizens coalition that has been formed to advocate for the build out of the full Northwest commuter rail corridor.  We are asking RTD to:

1.  Establish the “Northwest Rail Corridor Fund” that will set aside funds to begin construction of this rail project that will continue from 71st and Lowell and end in Longmont.

2.  Earmark all surplus funds to the Northwest Rail Fund.

3.  No other rail or rail line extension, BRT, trolley or other major RTD construction project can be built before the full funding of the NW rail corridor.  Purchase right-of-way, start preliminary engineering, and build out the rail line in segments to uphold the trust of taxpayers in the northwest metro area.