KEEP OUR CLARKSVILLE FAMILIES SAFE! Say NO to ATLASBX's Toxic Pollution and Battery Plant

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We are residents, friends and neighbors that are proud to call Clarksville home. We love our community, and even more so, our families. That is why we are concerned about AtlasBX’s plans to open a massive lead-acid battery plant on International Blvd. in Clarksville. While we welcome the jobs that such a plant may bring to our community, the benefits must outweigh the risks and that simply does not appear to be the case here. 

AtlasBX will be allowed to emit over 100,000 pounds (50 tons) of particulate matter per year in Clarksville including nearly 1,000 pounds (.5 tons) of toxic lead, 6,400 pounds of sulfuric acid (3.2 tons), 8,000 pounds of sulfur dioxide (4 tons), and more. Clearly, all of these emissions and pollution can have a negative impact on the health and safety of our families which is why the Regional Planning Commission needs to think long and hard before simply approving a Site Plan for AtlasBX’s proposed lead acid battery plant on September 26th.

It simply doesn’t make sense to have a lead acid battery plant so close to so many homes, two public schools, a hospital and a vineyard. Just because the City/County made International Blvd an industrial area, won’t change the health impacts our children will feel from the lead and toxic particulates the proposed AtlasBX plant will be allowed to release into our air and water if the project is approved.

There are several reasons to be concerned about AtlasBX's proposed lead acid battery plant:

  • There has been an utter lack of transparency and information about this project and potential impacts on the community and our health and safety
  • The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) has refused to hold a public meeting on AtlasBX's air construction permit. The only public notice TDEC provided to the general public was buried in small print in the Leaf Chronicle before closing public comment on July 1st. No one even knew about it. 
  • AtlasBX requested not to install an industry recommended ambient lead monitor which would help the public ensure that AtlasBX is not exceeding allowed lead and toxic particulate emission rates. Because AtlasBX "promised" not to exceed 1,000 pounds of lead emissions per year, TDEC has agreed that Atlas does not have to install this much needed monitor.
  • AtlasBX first proposed to emit no more than .24 tons of lead per year but nearly doubled that to .47 tons of lead per year AFTER TDEC closed public comment on July 1st
  • AtlasBX only has a record and history in pollution plagued South Korea and their sister company, Hankook Tires, already has two Clean Air Act “high priority violations” since opening their Clarksville plant just 11 months ago.
  • Proponents contend that because the area is zoned for industrial use and the company "promises" not to exceed the inflated and high emissions limits set by TDEC, that residents have nothing to worry about. They ignore the fact that regardless if the site is zoned for industrial use, it is within two miles or less of hundreds of homes, two public schools, a hospital and a vineyard. 
  • Proponents also fail to prove why residents should simply have faith that TDEC will keep everyone safe when their record for the lead acid battery plant in Bristol and Atlas' sister company Hankook Tires in Clarksville, has been to slap them on the wrist with a minor fine, if at all, rather than vigilantly monitor and enforce already inflated emission allowances.

Please join with your friends and neighbors in keeping Clarksville safe for ALL of our families by signing this petition. Please also consider attending the Regional Planning Commission meeting on AtlasBX's proposed Site Plan on Wednesday, September 26th at 2pm at 329 Main Street in Clarksville.