That the School Parents Associations continue administering the school canteen service

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We request that the AMPAS from the schools Gómez Moreno (Granada), Santa Isabel, Goya, Europa, Madre de la Luz and Arcoiris (Almería) continue administering the school canteen service

 With the last bidding of schools canteen services, the Junta de Andalucía (Regional Government of Andalucía) has “wiped off the map” the management models based on citizen participation and local development.

 The current canteen award system has removed all the AMPAs (School Parents Associations) of Andalucía committed to a model of self-management of the canteen services of our schools demonstrating that the current model produces an unequal competition. Since the AMPAs are non-profit organizations, whose main objectives are the health and well-being of our children in the school, we cannot compete at the economic level with multinational catering corporations, whose main objective is the stakeholders benefits, which increase at the expense of ingredients’ quality and labor conditions.   

 Now, they want to strip away our dreamed canteen service, which provides seasonal ecologic ingredients and mostly locally procured food items. They want to impose a catering enterprise, a model that is the opposite of ours.

 The direct consequences of giving the management of the school canteen services to companies are: deterioration of the quality of canteen services, which until now have been based on daily “in situ” cooking with fresh and seasonal ingredients; economic deterioration of the local economy since the majority of the basic ingredients are provided by local producers; loss of a more sustainable management system that uses minimal packaging and transportation; and elimination of a health model for the community.

 We demand the change of the award system of the school canteen to allow other management models such that multinational companies do not become responsible for the nutrition in our schools. During these awards, the management model provided by the Andalucía’s AMPAs have lost the management of their school canteen.

 For this, we request that the Junta de Andalucía cancels the moved-forward, non-communicated award, goes back to the prior agreement, applies the legal route to revert the current situation, and in the public interest does not jeopardize the health and education of our children.

 Because we want to continue managing the ecologic school canteen:

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