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Move SBI Khilashapuram branch to initial location Khilashapuram village.

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Move SBI Khilashapuram branch to initial location Khilashapuram village.

Help around 5,000+ account holders to SAVE TRAVEL TIME & CHARGES and WAIT TIMES at bank.

Keep up the spirit of RBI directive to provide a branch for 5,000 population.

To Regional Manager,

SBI, Region 3, Warangal, Telangana.

 Dear Sir,

Khilashapuram is a major revenue village covering around 12,000 population with:

·         4 surrounding villages

o   Mandelagudem, Jafaragudem, Somarasipalli, Kothagudem

o   Up to 7 kms distance from Raghunathapally

·         9 Thandas (Major population is ST)

o   Mangalbanda, Potti Gubbadi, Nakkapokkala, Charla, Yepala Bavi,, Kusumbai, Andhra, Dubba, Thokkudu Banda

·         12,000+ acres of agriculture land

Background of this branch:

1981 was a historical moment for Khilashapuram village. With spirit to extend banking services to remote villages, SBI opened a new branch.

 Various services of SBI have helped villagers to gain income through poultry farms, dairy farms, etc.

 In 1996, this branch was moved to mandal head quarters, Raghunathapally which is 5km from Khilashapuram. The reason was, the branch was blasted by Naxalite groups.

 Now, two decades after the incident, socio economic conditions have changed, citizens association with banks has improved.  Now banks are part of every one’s life.

 SBI Decision to shift branch to Khilashapuram village:

 Considering the population and sizable account holders associated with Khilashapuram, surrounding villages & thandas, SBI Management had decided to shift SBI branch back to Khilashapuram village.

On October 28, 2016, SBI issued notification in ‘Namaste Telangana’ news paper for a rental building. A resident of Khilashapuram came forward to provide a building for the bank and new construction was made ready. It was told that official letter was ready with bank to move the branch to Khilashapuram.

 SBI took back the decision:

However, unfortunately, recently SBI management has reversed the decision, due to merger of SBI Khilashapuram with SBH Raghunathapally.

 Inconvenience for Many:

Continuing SBI Khilashapuram branch at Raghunathapally is a HUGE and CONTINOUS INCONVENIENCE for many sections of the society, whose time is precious for agricultural works or daily earnings.

 Following sections will be impacted if SBI Khilashapuram continued at Raghunathapally:

1.       450+ farmers – 4 crores rupees

a.       Overall sales income touches 4 crores per anum, with sale of paddy at IKPs

2.       200+ ‘Self Help Groups’ (Dwakra), covering around 2000+ women

a.       200 group leaders to visit bank on every month to deposit monthly contributions & Loan EMIs

b.      1.2 crores transactional amount per anum

c.       6 Village Organizations (VOs) – Approximately 1.08  crores transactional amount per anum

3.       100+ of ‘Govt. subsidy beneficiaries’

a.       Recently 100 members deposited 32k for Sheep scheme from Telanganga govt.

b.      100 more members expected to join the scheme soon

4.       300+ farmers – Crop loans (Agriculture)

5.       1000+ account of school and college students for reimbursement

6.       Personal loan accounts

7.       Tens of Small scale business holders

 In future, various pension schemes will be attached to bank

·         500+ pension beneficiaries – Various pension schemes from Telangana govt.

a.       Most of them are senior citizens. Travel to Raghunathapally is sizable task for them

 Load on the branch and wait times:

·         It was observed that wait times of account holders is going up to 3 to 4 hours in peak seasons.

·         As the load on the branch is increasing, some times, bank is allotting separate days for each village. This is causing inconvenience in terms of walking in to bank any time.

·         Due to wait times, some entrepreneurs are refraining to depositing the money in the bank

Technical Issues leading to revisiting:

1.       Some times, when technical issues like internet problems arise, farmers/villagers have to return back to village and visit again. This is impacting agriculture works and daily earnings.

Appeal to SBI:

Considering all the inconvenience listed above, we villagers of Khilashapuram and surrounding villages, request SBI to shift branch back to Khilashapuram village.

 Notification from SBI for rental building at Khilashapuram village: October 28, 2016.

  Photo Attached.

Building made ready in response to notification from SBI.

 Photo will be provided.

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