RDN, Take Responsibility of the Homeless Crisis, Quit Hiding Them In The Bushes

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The Regional District of Nanaimo is close to establishing a bylaw that would allow homeless people to camp overnight at designated parks. Doing This would have many negative trickle downs,  Your home values? Visuals from tourists who will go home and tell their friends that Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum, etc is turning into a homeless campsite. This bylaw would allow them to camp "overnight" do they think these people are going to pull up there tents and shopping carts and leave for the day only to rebuild at night?   There are also crime issues as well, this has been proven in Nanaimo shelter areas already. Home values will plummet, all those years of paying off your mortgage and all of a sudden that beautiful park across the street is full of tents, tarps, garbage, needles and fecal? We need to stop this by law, Canadians are known for their meekness.  BUT this time we need to have a voice and allot of signatures to place on Leonard Kroggs desk and say NO! Not in our parks, not in our business doorways, not on our streets, and NO to building million-dollar apartments to house them. We need to stop this bylaw. We need the opportunity to submit our recommendations as citizens and have our solutions heard.

The RDN need to sit down with professionals who deal with the homeless on a regular basis, counselors, pastors, police, welfare, rehab counselors and some of the homeless to understand the real needs. Giving them a place to camp is not fixing the problem.

Leonard Krogg and city council members, WE DO NOT SUPPORT your BY LAW ALLOWING THE HOMELESS TO CAMP!