Safe Walk Home Petition for Cedar Elementary

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***PLEASE Sign this petition if you feel the safety of the children in a community should be a top Priority! PLEASE sign this petition if you feel we need to have safer options for our children to walk to and from school!*** 

This Petition was put together in hopes that we will see changes in regards to the safety on the roads that surround Cedar Elementary School.  Current conditions of our crosswalks and vehicle speed along Cedar Rd (coupled with no sidewalks) makes the walk to and from school extremely unsafe for the children of this community.  The stretch of Cedar road between Furn and Gould Rd should be a school zone speed limit (30km) which would allow the community to have a BCAA school zone safety program put into place.  It would allow us to have volunteers (Grade 7 students and/or Parents) be crossing guards at those crosswalks within the 30km area.  The bigger goal is to see either cross walks with flashing lights or speed bump cross walks similar to those found in the Lantzville community around their school areas.  I am hopeful this petition will bring to light the amount of young children who would walk to school if only the routes were safe for them to do so.  Currently this is not the case.  The speed limit on Cedar Rd is 50km but as most of the community knows vehicles race along this road like a highway, we have no sidewalks anywhere around the school and the cross walks the children use to cross Cedar Rd are so faded they can barely be seen.  I would hate for a child to be seriously injured before something changes.