RDN - Restrict Fireworks Sales!!!

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Fireworks have their place on a couple of holidays of the year, however, the sale to the public for use anytime, anywhere has many ramifications:

Fire Danger - one of the largest fires burning in California right now was set off with fireworks! California fires burned 1.6 Million Hectares this year and these fires have claimed human lives and an unreported and inconceivable number wildlife who were smoked out of their homes and burned alive

Wildlife and Domestic Animals - Fireworks traumatize both! Deaths of livestock occur when the animals are frightened and panicked. 

Human Mental Health - Many people are affected: Elderly, autistic, PTSD sufferers. And anyone else who has to get up in the morning and go to work!

Environmental Damage - fireworks put chemicals into the air and plastic debris into our oceans.

Child Labor - many fireworks are fabricated by child labor in dangerous conditions.

For every small group setting off fireworks anywhere and anytime of the night, there are countless people and animals suffering as a consequence! The answer is simple - get on it - stop the sale and use. There are alternatives available to celebrate!!

We are asking our representatives in the Regional District of Nanaimo to implement a bylaw similar to those being introduced elsewhere in Canada restricting the sale of fireworks to specific days of the year and requiring permits to set off the fireworks. 

Having a uniform bylaw will reduce these dangers, consumer confusion, confrontations between residents and tourists and will show we care about our environment and fellow citizens.