Roundabout at Fairway and Lackner - Chicopee Hills Public School

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The city is proposing a roundabout at the Fairway Road and Lackner Boulevard intersection in Kitchener next to Chicopee Hills Public School.

Proposal of a roundabout at this location has been in discussion for several years. It seems to have been pushed back due to the construction of the new school, however it appears that the plan is to eventually install a roundabout in the not-so-distant future.

Roundabouts are a known danger for pedestrians and this poses an extreme safety hazard for the young children travelling to and from school every day. A roundabout was built near St. Mary's High School at Block Line Road and Homer Watson Blvd several years back and a high school student was badly injured after being struck by a Grand River Transit bus as she crossed the roundabout. This is a prime example of how dangerous a roundabout near an elementary school is; even for high school students is was proven dangerous.

The traffic and safety in this area is already sub-par. Months ago, a student was nearly struck by a vehicle that did not yield to the pedestrian crossing on Lackner Blvd. The introduction of a roundabout will only create more chaos and less traffic control.

Please vote AGAINST a roundabout at Fairway Road and Lackner Blvd.

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