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Dennis Drue is up for parole in December 2018.  He will have served only 5 years for his reckless and selfish choices that killed our children on the evening of December 1st 2012.

Please help us by voicing your objection to his potential early release from the maximum 15 year sentence he was given!

Five years doesn't come close to enough jail time for causing such tragedy.  An entire community has been devastated and families destroyed by his behavior.  His lack of care for anyone but himself has been evident from the start.

Anyone who would choose to drive a vehicle at a high rate of speed while texting and under the influence of drugs and alcohol surely has no regard for others.  We don't want him out on parole early to make these same poor choices again!  Who will be next?  What other bad choices will he make?

We need your help to petition the NYS Parole Board.  Please join us and sign your name so we can be sure Dennis Drue stays where he belongs, in his jail cell!

We sincerely thank you on behalf of our children, Christopher Stewart and Deanna Rivers - killed by Dennis Drue.  We will never see our kids grow up, we already missed their entire college experience and we will never see them marry or raise families of their own.

Dennis Drue has a determinate time in jail no matter what - while we suffer a lifetime of loss.  Please help us keep him there for the maximum length imposed by the judge.


Michael and Regina Stewart

Brian and Debbie Rivers