Stop in-class return in Regina area until the science says it's safe to do so

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Regina schools are set to resume in-person classes on May 3, citing diminishing levels of COVID-19 in the area. This has not been proven out by any of the statistics provided to the public, however. Numbers of infection in the Regina area have consistently climbed in the past 5 days. The ICU is over-capacity. Any diminishment in infections within the school populace is likely to be based on the fact that schools have been remote teaching since late March.

Our teaching populace (teachers, EAs, admin staff, bus drivers) have not had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated, due to lack of leadership by the Province. Asking them to go back to class next week is akin to an employer requiring an employee to take part in dangerous work duties. It is contrary to OHS regulations, and if teachers are made to return to in-person classes, the Province and the School Boards are ultimately responsible for every case which occurs in schools. 

This does not only affect school staff and families. It affects business, health care, and every aspect of life for every individual in this province. We need to stop treating COVID as an inconvenience, with half-measures. 

We call on the Province for strong leadership in this issue, and call on the School Boards to rescind their dangerous and illogical decision to reopen in-person classes. 

It's tough on the teaching staff to conduct remote classes - but it's tougher for them to be ill, to lose people they love, or to see their students struggling because a family member has died from COVID. These new variants affect younger and younger people, and we are seeing impacts on young families.

If you truly value education, STOP ignoring the situation. Keep remote learning until staff have been vaccinated, and it's safer to return to the classroom.