Stop the Helicopters

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The incessant helicopter traffic has lead to unnecessary hardship for many citizens of Regina. The Regina airport authority has claimed it is not in their jurisdiction and to contact Transport Canada or the Co-op. Transport Canada has said it is the responsibility of the Regina Airport Authority. Co-op has refused to acknowledge or correct any issues relating to the traffic. Michael Fougere and the city council should be held accountable for finding a solution that favors the many residents of their city rather than the interests of one business. The main 3 factors that should be addressed are;

1. The constant flights over and around the city are very disruptive. Some flight plans are right over residential areas. Many times if they are not directly overhead they are still very loud and consistent enough to be a significant disturbance.

2. The carrying of dangerous good over and around the city presents a significant risk to residents in the case of an accidental release. This factor is greatly affected by the frequency in which they are being transported.

3. The moving of supplies over picket lines only serves to further lengthen a labor dispute that affects many of the residents of Regina.