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Cool off the gymnasium at Sugartown Elementary in Great Valley School District

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Sugartown Elementary is an incredible school supported by an amazing community. In all the years my family has been in Great Valley School District we have experienced overwhelming acceptance and support

My son Avery was born with a rare disease called Hypohydrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. As a result of this disorder, Avery's sweat glands do not function effectively. This prevents Avery from participating in any activity where he may get overheated. In the past, we have dealt with his condition by opting out of activities and wearing a cooling vest. We just know going into the warmer seasons that we were going to have to sit out of many school activities. Luckily we go to a school that has climate control in most of the building. BUT, If you have ever been to an event in the gymnasium, (like the lego expo, a spring concert, or the Boosterthon) you may have noticed that it does not have and air conditioning. After the room fills up with guests, it gets hot rather quickly. Because we have to consider the environment of every activity, I have taken up the cause of finding a way to cool the Gym to make it comfortable for everyone who uses it.

I have looked into the costs of cooling the gym and found a simple solution that is easily installed, quiet, and comparatively low cost. It’s a giant fan! they can be seen at The entire school community would benefit from the edition of a giant fan or two. Having circulating air in the gym would make gym class more enjoyable for all the students and teachers, offer a cooler environment for us when we attend large school events, and would allow kids with health conditions to participate in more activities & gym classes like everyone else.

I have been in discussions about the cooling of the gym for over 2 years with no progress. I have offered to fundraise, and was turned down & told this is a facilities budget issue. After researching cost effective ways to cool large buildings I have suggested a large ceiling fan or two from instead of fighting for air conditioning to be installed. I have suggested an energy consultant come to the school to make the most economic recommendations. I have made requests to get the fan company into the building to give an exact estimate. Nothing has progressed.

I would like to be able to show the decision makers that this is an improvement that would benefit everyone, and that the community supports moving forward with the project. Please sign the petition, and share it with all your Sugartown friends. If you have a minute, could you also send the Superintendent, Regina C. Speaker Palubinsky, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools Great Valley, an email at, to let her know you heard about the idea and support going forward with estimates and consultations. I am meeting with her on Wednesday morning at 10a.m. on June 20th, so please sign and share as soon as you can.

Your support may be all we need to get to the next step. Thank you so much for your time and attention.

Thank you
Amanda Snyder

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