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Demand the resignations of Chancellors P.B. Katehi and Robert Birgeneau

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In light of the recent incidents of excessive police force in the face of peaceful campus demonstrations in solidarity with the Occupy movement, we the undersigned hereby insist that the Board of Regents of the University of California, in particular Governor Jerry Brown and Student Regent Alfredo Mireles, demand the resignations of UC Davis Chancellor P.B. Katehi and UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau.

As stated most eloquently by Davis Professor Nathan Brown in his open letter calling for Chancellor Katehi to resign:

"There must be space for political dissent on our campus. There must be space for civil disobedience on our campus. There must be space for students to assert their right to decide on the form of their protest, their dissent, and their civil disobedience—including the simple act of setting up tents in solidarity with other students who have done so. There must be space for protest and dissent, especially, when the object of protest and dissent is police brutality itself. You may not order police to forcefully disperse student protesters peacefully protesting police brutality. You may not do so. It is not an option available to you as the Chancellor of a UC campus. That is why I am calling for your immediate resignation."

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