Regarding Phantasy Star Online 2 NA/EU: Localization and Release

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July 9th, 2012: Just five days after the official release in Japan, the official announcement for Phantasy Star Online 2's NA/EU (West) version was made. The official press release stated a release date of "2013" with some sites, including, one of the largest English Phantasy Star fan communities, reporting "Early 2013". Following this, SEGA of America created a "Teaser" site (, and a partially translated demo was presented at PAX 2012. Since then, there has not been any updates regarding a release.

It is now two months into the year 2013, and fans are still awaiting some news about the western release of PSO2. Many fans are excited for the western release, however, the silence from SEGA has raised concerns with the fans.

Many questions which fans have remain unanswered:
Will the game feature dubbed voice work? How complete is the text translation? Will the mobile phone and Sony Playstation Vita versions also see release? Will there be a gap between content the western version has upon release and what is currently implemented in the Japanese version?

The fans understand that it requires time, money, and resources to create a localized product that both developers and players will be satisfied with. We want to see Phantasy Star Online 2 succeed in the west. We ask that you would be so kind as to give us an update of the current progress.

2012年7月9日、ファンタジースターオンライン2が日本に開催されてから5日間後にファンタジースター オンライン2の英語版が2013年の頭にでる発表されました。それからはpso2.jpが立ち上がれ、PAX2012年に簡単なデモが見せられた以上は日本外のリリースの情報はいっさい出てません。

2013年になってからもう3ヶ月が経ち、ファンはまだ進行報告を待ってます。皆は出るんだと信じたいです が、セガからの情報がなくてファンが不安を感じるようになってきました。


ファンのほうではゲームの開発は開発者とプレイヤーが満足できるようなゲームをローカライズをするにはかな り時間と金が必要だとわかります。こっちこそファンタジースターオンライン2をアメリカとヨーロッパで成功 させたいのです。ゲームの進行はどこまで進んでるかわかるように、せめて状況を知らせて欲しい です。

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