Refused Prince Harry Security from the Metropolitan Police

Refused Prince Harry Security from the Metropolitan Police

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Why this petition matters

Started by Una Watson

Prince Harry has been perusing a court case against the Home Office for his security .

He has claimed it is unsafe for him and his family to return to the uk without the intelligence which the Metropolitan Police have access to.

Harry was told the terms and conditions prior to stepping down as a senior working royal, he would Not be entitled to the same level security he enjoyed while he was a working royal .

(he would have to pay for his own private security)

Prince Harry made an informed decision to leave the Royal Family and move to the USA permanently.

His court hearing has already cost the uk tax payers up to £100,000 

Prince Harry and his family visited the uk during the Queen Platinum Jubilee

Megan opened a bullet proof car window for a photo shoot in a crowded London street.

Megan stood in an open window with young royal children.

They both were seen by a coach load of people.

This behaviour is Not  of a person who is afraid for his or his family’s  safety far from it.

The UK people are going through a tough time financially ,

many having to go to food banks just to feed their children .The cost of living crisis is hitting the poorest the hardest. 

It would be wrong for the court to grant him the security he’s selfishly demanding through the courts.

The Home Office has stated that the taxpayer should not foot the bill, and rightly so.

He should be instructed to pay back all the court cost of up to now and any future court costs.

Please sign this petition  and share in order to for the court to hear our opinions on Prince Harry unrealistic demands for security from our Metropolitan Police under no circumstances.










85 have signed. Let’s get to 100!