Refuse to build detention centers for kids torn from families

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Join us in demanding that organizations refuse to run detention centers for kids torn from their parents.  

The Trump administration is cruelly and needlessly separating families seeking help at the border, taking children and babies as young as four months old away from their parents and placing them in detention centers designed for teenagers.

These detention centers are called "shelters" and are were built to house "unaccompanied children," or kids who are caught by ICE and Border Patrol while fleeing to the US without their parents. These "shelters" are quickly becoming overwhelmed. The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is looking for contractors and nonprofits to open new detention centers for kids. 

In the past, organizations that ran these ORR "shelters" did so as part of a humanitarian response to the need presented by kids traveling thousands of miles alone, seeking safety and family in the US. Previously, they housed these kids until they could find family members to release them to while their immigration cases were processed. 

The situation has changed dramatically.

ICE and Border Patrol are forcibly taking children from their parents. Kids in diapers, too young to speak, are being put in detention centers that were designed for teenagers. Parents are not told where their children are, and some are deported back to their home countries without knowing whether they will ever see their kids again. These kids, even those materially well-cared for, will suffer long-term, irreparable harm from being separated from their parents at such a young age. 

We are call on these organizations, who are currently or are likely in the future to accept money from the US Government to operate “shelters” for “unaccompanied kids” to refuse to turn the brutalization of families into profit.

Join us in demanding that these organizations refuse to apply for or accept funding from ORR to operate a "shelter" for children as long as kids are being taken from their parents. Many of them have adopted missions to be of service to the poor, the marginalized or immigrants. We are calling on them to remain true to their missions and the people they serve. 

Accepting money from the Trump administration to operate detention centers for kids and babies torn from parents enables the brutalization of families. Massive human rights violations are made possible by normal people doing their day jobs. The Holocaust could not have happened without the participation of people who operated, maintained and drove trains carrying millions of Jews and other victims across Europe to their deaths in concentration and extermination camps. It is time for them to make a decision: What will their legacy, as organizations, as individual leaders be? Will they participate in this massive human rights atrocity, or will they defend its victims?

Join us. Call on these organizations to immediately:

1- Make a public statement denouncing the Trump administration's forced separation of children and babies from their parents at the border

2- Make a public pledge that they will not operate or apply for funding to operate an ORR shelter for unaccompanied children until the Trump administration's policy of tearing apart families is permanently ended. 

Photo Credit: John Moore, Getty Images