Refuse the Cooroy Intensive Chicken Farm Development Application

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An overwhelming majority of Sunshine Coast Regional Councillors have indicated that they intend to approve this development application at the next Council meeting (on 12 December 2013), contrary to their Council Planners' report. This report recommends refusal of the development application for the following reasons:

"1. the proposed poultry farm does not comply with the Overall Outcomes of The Noosa Plan’s Mary River Catchment Locality, Agricultural Uses and Transport, Roads and Drainage Codes

2. the proposed poultry farm does not achieve sufficient separation distance from surrounding residents so as to avoid adverse odour impacts on residents’ amenity, with insufficient details provided on the emissions from manure stockpiles, manure spreading, and for one of the closest sensitive receiver locations

3. the proposal will have unacceptable impacts on the safety of Top Forestry Road and the proposed road improvements are not sufficient to provide the necessary safe environment

4. traffic generated by the development proposed will have significant adverse impacts on the amenity of residents, given Top Forestry Road is unsealed and bird collection is likely to be through the night and

5. the proposed sheds and earthworks necessary for shed construction is likely to adversely impact on the scenic amenity of the area, as the applicant has not demonstrated that they will integrate satisfactorily with the landform and landscape."

This action by the Sunshine Coast Regional Councillors is clearly against the public good - there are hundreds of residents that will be adversely affected, with a very dangerous traffic situation caused by heavy trucks on a narrow, winding dirt road, plus the high levels of odour, noise and dust.

Also, an EIS was not required, even though toxic run-off from the steep slopes of this development would pollute nearby Blackfellow Creek, home to several endangered or vulnerable frog species, ie the Giant Barred Frog, the Cascade Tree Frog and the Tusked Frog. Also, the greatly increased heavy vehicle traffic is sure to impact on known koala populations along Top Forestry and Cooroy-Belli Creek roads.

Please sign this petition asking the Councillors to refuse the Cooroy Intensive Meat Farm development application on the 12th of December. Show the Sunshine Coast Regional Council that we expect a higher standard of leadership and ethical behaviour in their decision-making. Their votes on December 12 will indicate just how seriously each takes his/her role as our elected representative. 

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