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Refund tickets for AC/DC fans in the UK and WORLDWIDE - Give fans their choice!

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This petition is aimed towards the AC/DC issue, however this is an issue throughout all music promotion and sales. Major changes should give us more rights. Bands and companies should not hide behind small print.

Some of us have had the opportunity to see AC/DC perform, others have waited years for the chance. When Brian was replaced by Axl Rose, for the remainder of the tour, we were all very disappointed but understand that Brians health comes first.

We have collectively paid in excess of 80 pounds for each of our tickets and will need to fund travel costs etc. associated with the show. We have all used our hard earned money to pay for the privilege.

Axl Rose is a negative representative for rock music, consistently displaying his arrogance and disregard for his own health and performance. None of these characteristics were ever seen within Brian or AC/DC and we do not want to pay to see Axl destroy that. Imagine Queen without Freddie, Rolling Stones without Mick or Aerosmith without Steve. This is simply a bad decision.

We request that AC/DC and their representatives offer the choice of a refund to their fans on the grounds that the show in its current state, is not what was advertised or what we would have chosen to pay for. With the current lineup it could be suggested that we are paying a lot of money for a tribute act?

We all love the music and we love the band too, however their replacement choice is a step too far, in the wrong direction. AC/DC and their representatives have the opportunity to correct this and we feel they have a moral obligation to do so.

Hopefully together we can encourage them to do so.


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