Refund for holidays cancelled by teletext

Refund for holidays cancelled by teletext

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Started by Meg Mcburnie

Many people have booked holidays with truly travel trading as teletext, then had their holidays cancelled due to covid but have not received a refund. We have been strung along for the past 2 year from teletext saying we will get our refunds yet no luck. Now the company has gone into liquidation, we are fighting a losing battle. Still being strung along - we have put claim forms in after claim forms and yet still nothing.

Our latest email have told us to go through our banks for a chargeback but a charge back can only be created within a time limit and anything over that time, the bank will take no responsibility for. 

Some people are losing out on thousands and thousands of pounds. 

We are running out of options and now thinking the only way is government to help us.

Teletext were taken to court and told they had to give us refunds by end of August, yet nothing happened. Watch dog also are aware of this. It has been all over the TV.

Me personally, I paid £1520 for my holiday in September 2020 for December 2020. My holiday was cancelled the start of December. So I have waited well over a year but some people have been waiting much longer. 

Running out of options, surely we can't just have our money taken off us and not given back. There must be a way of getting it back.

The government are aware as it went to CMA also. SURELY THE GOVERNMENT MUST HELP US get back hard earned money!

(This is only the half of what they have done, they have told us to do so many things, claim forms, emails etc)



64 have signed. Let’s get to 100!